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Specialist Services

A number of services are of particular importance to doctors and due to the specific nature of the business of medicine, an ‘off the rack’ approach is not suitable. We strive to continually increase our understanding of the specific business, financial and taxation issues facing the medical profession. Consequently our specialist knowledge of both the medical environment and these services ensure that we can provide you with high quality advice and service tailored to your specific needs – and opportunities.
  • SMSF For Doctors
    We administer and advise on dozens of Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF), in fact we are specialists in SMSFs for doctors. This is a non-exhaustive summary of what we do:

    1. Unbiased advice on the suitability of an SMSF for you. We will help you to make an informed decision: no hype, no sales spiel, but facts.
    2. Establishment of new SMSF, including provision of the right trust deeds and everything that needs to be done to get it going.
    3. Ongoing administration of your SMSF on a cloud based platform for maximum accuracy and control.
    4. Initial and ongoing tax planning advice: not in isolation, but in the context of your total financial and business situation.
    5. All trustee minutes, letters and other paperwork so you are and remain fully compliant.
    6. We arrange audit and actuarial certificates (where needed)
    7. We are experts in helping doctors with the correct structuring of purchasing their practice rooms in or in conjunction with their SMSF. This includes complex situations where other entities hold units in practice rooms unit trusts (as is often the case with specialists).
    8. Borrowing in a SMSF: when is it a good idea and when is it definitively a very bad idea? We are cautious here: we will tell you if this is prudent in your circumstances, again: no hype, no sales spiel, but facts.
    9. We can provide you – where certain conditions are met- with a full financial planning service for your SMSF.

    SMSF 2nd Opinion Service

    We are aware of the bewildering number of ads and opinions on setting up a SMSF, in particular in combination with the sale of properties and including borrowing.

    For non-clients we offer a written second opinion on the viability and merits of establishing their own SMSF, with or without borrowing arrangements, for a fixed fee of $595 including GST. Get in touch with us for full details.
  • Practice Valuations
    Our extensive experience in advising medical practices allows us to provide practice valuations which see through the various business structures and are based on actual knowledge and understanding of the running of similar medical practices .

    These are some of the circumstances in which you may wish to have an unbiased expert valuation :

    • Buying into a practice
    • Selling your own practice or admission of a ‘partner’
    • Divorce settlements
    • Deceased Estate
    • Legal disputes – Expert Opinion
    • Borrowing

    Related to the above should be mentioned assistance to doctors selling their goodwill, or sometimes their whole practice, to one of the ‘Corporates’. We have assisted many doctors in this area: often it is difficult for the doctor to know what can and what cannot be negotiated, what a reasonable price would be, and to know how to structure the sale for maximum tax efficiency. We can help with these and many other questions.

    Get in touch with us for an obligation free initial chat if you believe our valuation service can be of help to you.
  • Doctors & Real Estate
    Real estate is often a preferred investment for doctors, be it their own practice premises, residential property or commercial property.

    There are many ways one can structure one’s property holdings and one thing is certain: there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Unit Trust, Self Managed Super Fund, Investment Company, Family Trust, in your own name or a combination – all these options are taken into account when we advise on the optimum structure for your property investments, in a manner that suits you.

    Stamp duty and other transfer costs make it imperative to decide on the right structure in the first place: making changes later on can be very expensive! Income tax, land tax, Capital Gains Tax, asset protection are some important matters that need to be dealt with and we look at all of these, and more.

    But it is not all about the structure: even the best structure doesn’t help if the investment itself doesn’t stack up. We are in a position to draw on the expertise of architects and strata managers to provide you with common sense and easily understandable advice on how to go about your property search and what to look for – and what to avoid! We have no ties whatsoever to property spruikers. What you get is unbiased, fact-based advice. It may not necessarily be what you would like to hear, but it definitely is what you should know. Property is in that regard no different from any other investment: easy money doesn’t exist, other than for the glib salesperson….

    In view of the large investment any property purchase represents, a formal strategy based on sound advice is a very cheap insurance: ask us how we can help you to develop such strategy.
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